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There is no gainsaying that to excel in your job search you need to ensure your resume and cover letter use targeted keywords to help optimize them for job search results. Besides the use of affordable resume writing service online do you know you could have access to test resume against ATS for free? And to know if your resume is well-optimized and ATS – friendly you need to make use of ATS Resume Scanner and this could attract more charges but you could get them for free using efficient, reliable and free ATS resume scanner services. Only optimizing resume for applicant tracking system will help you to pass the test.

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Current Statistical Trends in ATS Usage for Recruitment and Our Free ATS Resume Scan

Out of 1,200 companies polled on recruitment issues here is the outcome:

  • About 98% of the companies make use ATS for their recruitment needs while 82% make use of ATS daily. The more reason to take advantage of our free ATS resume scan.
  • ATS database of the average company is updated every other year and usually have facts and data that has gone out of date.
  • About 97% of companies update their ATS by hand instead of automatically.

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How ATS Works and Why ATS Resume Checker Free

ATS stands for Applicants Tracking System an automated application checker that helps companies and recruitment agencies take records as well as sift through the list of thousands of applicants for a job application. It helps determine the applicants whose applications meet the job specifications or who were able to meet the job criteria in their resume and cover letter.

So here is how ATS works and why you should use ATS resume checker free:

  • Automated process: ATS is an automated process that only involves the human effort to set up and input the parameters for the search after that the ATS can carry out searches or scanning independently to pick candidates for submission as qualified for the next stage which usually would be the interview stage. Use ATS resume test free to help scale the automated process.
  • Social media links and search for job boards: ATS could sometimes be synchronized with job boards and social media networks to locate qualified candidates with relevant details to what the company is in need of and then such persons could get shortlisted for a call by the company. Social network such as LinkedIn is a professional network for recruiters and companies seeking a specific position. That underscores the importance of having a keyword rich LinkedIn profile and online presence strong enough to attract the right job to you even when you are not looking.
  • Specific search: ATS applications usually carry out a search based on the specific information or job specification and requirements. Such job search usually includes the individuals work experience, skills, and education, years of relevant experience, etc.
  • Sorting and discarding: Any applicant whose application fits into the list or stipulated criteria would be sorted out to the next stage or for the human resource manager or recruiter to inspect before the invitation for an interview. Whose resume and cover letter does not meet the laid down requirements are discarded as there would be no need to present that to the HR manager. This ATS resume tester can help you avoid your resume being discarded by ATS.

Best Tips to Beat ATS Systems: See ATS Resume Analyser

ATS for recruitment is an excellent machine as it makes the process of recruitment a lot easier, more efficient and professional for the recruiter. The job seeker, however, might not be too excited about the functions of the ATS as it might deny them an opportunity to even be considered for the job or interview stage. Quite a good number of qualified candidates have been rejected or their resume discarded by ATS for not meeting ATS standard or compatibility with ATS not because they do not meet the criteria for recruitment, possess the qualification, skills, experiences and job requirement but because the resume is not ATS friendly but with professional ATS resume analyser you can rest assured.

Now, here is what you must do to beat ATS system to secure that job of your dream:

Use Standard Document Formatting

A straightforward and simple resume containing the vital information can easily get you an interview that one that is riddled with errors and poorly formatted. Recruiting managers want something that makes it easy to spot what you are looking for and not a complex resume.

  • Make sure your resume has no images, designs, table, and charts as the ATS tool might not respond kindly to such details and cause you to lose some points during scanning or search. Also, use normal and acceptable fonts not special characters as they only make you lose more points.
  • Avoid the use of unfamiliar or creative titles and headers such as “Work experience” or “Professional experience” instead of “where I have been”; “How I got trained” instead of “Educational background” as such creative titles might not be recognized by the ATS.
Ensure Keyword Optimization

Keywords refer to the particular words or phrases the ATS would be looking out for in a resume. Having the right amount of keywords can make all the difference between scaling through the recruitment robot (ATS), optimize resume for ATS or being given the boot. So when you use keywords for a resume just understand that it has to fit into what the ATS is searching for in line with the job description or industry needs.

So, for instance, when a requirement states for I.T Manager, with qualifications in computer science, Microsoft Database Administrator, knowledge of Excel and QuickBooks, ensure all these are well represented in your resume to help get it past the ATS. It would pay to allow such keywords appear in your competence area, qualifications, professional certifications and qualifications to add up to two to three times within the resume to help optimize during a search. So to help you and before putting the resume together simply write down a list of industry-related keywords to use.

Keyword Locations

Besides using keywords, where you place keywords within the resume is also of grave importance. Some ATS place more emphasis on certain aspects of the resume for optimization than others and locating the right place might just be the secret. for instance, when applying for a teaching job, having ‘teacher’ or ‘teaching’ ‘educationist’ ‘class instructor’ appearing at least thrice in your recent jobs section under work experience could help optimize your resume. So you need to run your resume through ATS to be double sure before applying for that job.

Avoid Abbreviations

The use of abbreviations should be frowned at when preparing your resume as the ATS might not be able to interpret what it means. When stating your qualifications, professional certifications and more always state them in full instead of using acronyms and abbreviations. If you must then use the full meaning and then add the abbreviation or acronym at least once or twice to make for easy identification by ATS.

For instance, MBA Exec Masters of Business Administration (Executive) instead of MBA Exec.

Send as Word Document

The general method for preparing document is in word format and since most recruiting agencies or human resource managers make use of word document then it would make more sense to stick to it. Also, most ATS are more word document friendly than others. Though, PDF is increasingly becoming popular and easy to understand by ATS except where the application specifically request you make use of PDF or state that one could use either word document or PDF it would be best to stick to word document for the resume. So you can now run a resume review for ATS on our site to be sure before applying.

Add All Relevant Details

It doesn’t make sense to stuff your resume with irrelevant information as it might still not get past ATS. Most times an ATS would perform a quick search on your resume to see if it contains the relevant details pertaining the job vacancy. Even if you have a two or three-page resume without anything relevant it would still not scale through. Submitting a resume that shows you have teaching experience for a media job would be counter-productive but if there is a way you could play on your educational qualification and skills instead of more focus on your work experience it might just get you past ATS.

Therefore, rewording your resume help play up those aspects where you have done volunteer work, skills or education could just be the secret.

Avoid Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing involves a situation where you make use of certain keywords too frequently within your resume it amounts to over0use of stuffing and in most cases, an ATS would give the red flag to indicate excessive use of keywords. And excessive usage would mean rejected resume.

For ATS resume keywords, having excessive keywords in your resume would result in the higher ranking with ATS but will stop when it gets to a particular point and you become guilty of overstuffing. Hence, we recommend using keywords well spread out within the work and then two to three times in a single resume.

Make It Good for Post-Screening

Yes, it’s all good preparing your resume to scale past ATS but also remember that after ATS an experienced HR person would finally do a resume assessment on your resume before the interview and he or she needs to see a well-prepared resume not one stuffed with keywords without making so much sense. If you scale past ATS and your resume lacks merits then you still do not end up with the job which is the overall aim from the unset. So, let your resume be not only ATS friendly but HR manager friendly at last.

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How to Use Tool: ATS Friendly Resume Writing Sample

You can find a free ATS Resume scanning tool that is just the perfect gift to help you match your resume to the job description when applying for any job. With the free ATS resume tool here are the steps to take:

  • Get a copy of your resume and the job description in softcopy ready.
  • Either you upload or copy and paste the resume into the right-hand side of the ATS resume scanning software online.
  • Upload or copy and paste the job description into the right-hand side of the software.
  • Then scroll to the bottom and then click scan and wait for the result.
  • At the bottom, the results will show ‘Your Match Rate’ which tells you how much success you have with your current resume and the job description. A rate below 70% will not likely scale you through ATS to meet the recruiter.
  • To the right of the software contains the ‘impression’ and to help guide you on what to do to resolve the issues with 9 critical issues highlighted at the bottom.
  • If you do not have your resume and a job description at hand you can try out our ATS friendly resume writing sample with resume and job description on the site.

One more thing to note is that the Application Tracking System (ATS) is what it is; a software that’s trying to sieve through your resume to find if you have got the answers to the questions it is asking such as for instance:

  • Do you have at least three years’ experience in accounting?
  • Do you have a qualification and experience in accounting?
  • Does your competence include the use of QuickBooks and sage?

The software is not so concerned about your use of keywords or phrases except that those keywords help to optimize your resume better to attract the attention of the ATS. But you can enjoy top rated resume writing services or take advantage of the free resume scanner tool to make yours better.

Take advantage of the free resume helper tool when you test resume against ATS to help prepare the winning resume today!