LinkedIn Profile Writing Service Reviews, Cheapest Prices, and Best Packages

Having a professional LinkedIn profile has become more crucial than ever with the increasing number of companies that recruit using LinkedIn. Whether looking for cheap resume writers or LinkedIn profile writers here is a comprehensive list of top 10 LinkedIn profile writing service reviews to help you make an informed decision before contacting your work to a writer.

linkedin profile writing service reviews

Remember, there are so many persons providing LinkedIn profile writing service but not all can deliver the kind of quality needed to scale higher within your industry and for job search results. Also, considering the fact that there are no less than 400 million active subscribers on LinkedIn you sure deserve a profile that gets you noticed fast.

Statistics on LinkedIn Usage for Job Search

How many recruiters are using LinkedIn for finding new candidates today? This will give you an idea of why you need help with resume and LinkedIn profile writing reviews. Statistics about LinkedIn:

  • About 65% of job searches are done via social professional network sites such as LinkedIn.
  • Social professional networks provide the best source of quality recruitment of staff today.
  • No less than 75% of those who changed jobs depended on LinkedIn.
  • New employees sourced through LinkedIn are 40% less likely to leave their jobs within 6 months.
  • Recruitment via LinkedIn has experienced 2 times higher demands than other sources with top companies using LinkedIn 60% more for recruitment.
  • About 20,000 companies in the US make use of LinkedIn for recruitment.
  • As of March 2019, there are over 11 million jobs listing on LinkedIn.
  • About 94% of recruiters make use of LinkedIn when they need to vet a candidate.
  • Updating your LinkedIn profile increases one chance of been spotted by members and recruiters by 18 times.
  • Job views on LinkedIn increased by 5.7 times higher that of Facebook and 3 times that Twitter.

Top 10 LinkedIn Profile Building Services and Prices for 2019

Where do you think your profile will land when there is a search for your industry? Who do you think can help you get a better search result? Now let’s see the Titans that could give you a smoother ride in 2019 with the LinkedIn profile building services and prices:

  • #1 cheapresumewritingservices.netCheap Resume provides you with time-tested and exceptional LinkedIn profile writing service that has gotten many job seekers on their dream job faster. Their service is structured in such a way to make it quite affordable by breaking it down into the different category depending on the service you pick for your LinkedIn profile writing rates and packages.

Testimonial: Your writer did a good job of putting my resume together quickly! I’m happy with the result. – James, USA.

  • #2 Content Development ProCDP provides excellent LinkedIn profiling service with your LinkedIn headline and more. CDP expert writers make use of search engine optimized keywords to help your profile rank higher by writing an exceptional summary and call to action across industries and delivered on time at $60 per profile.

Testimonial: Working with CDP has been an absolute pleasure! They are prompt, professional and went extra mile for me. No revisions to their work were required. Thanks for the great work! – Mandy Taylor

  • #3 Capstone Resume ServicesCraft resume takes the stress off you. You have the chance of getting a personal consultation with a writer. Only certified resume and LinkedIn experts can get to work on your project. Within a target of 2-3 days, all revisions should be completed for submission at $199 LinkedIn profile rates.

Testimonial: Within 2 days of uploading his new LinkedIn profile, he was offered not one but two executive positions with well-funded, emerging technology companies – Micah, Start-up Ecosystem, San Francisco, CA

  • #4 Resume Professional WritersRPW offers an irresistible help with your LinkedIn profile. Working with certified, skilled and experienced resume and LinkedIn writers RPW have consistently delivered winning profiles to thousands of clients. RPW writers make use of rich keywords of relevance to help optimize your LinkedIn profile for faster recruitment.

Testimonial: I have been thoroughly satisfied with the quality and timeliness of the service and product provided by RPW. Everything I have received has been great! – Avery, M, Olympia, WA.

  • #5 Resume Writing LabResume writers bring to play decades of years’ experience as certified resume and LinkedIn profile writers. They understand what it takes to deliver an ATS-friendly professional LinkedIn profile and get you employed faster than you can imagine using relevant keywords and search results to the job description.

Testimonial: Great job on my LinkedIn revision. Thank you so much, better than expected. – Michael Rivera, Minneola

  • #6 Red Letter ResumeRed letter resume is manned by two world-class writers. One has over a decade experience working as a recruiter with a big financial institution while the other is a brand and marketing executive and that’s the combo they offer to redo LinkedIn profile and build from scratch at $497 per profile.

Testimonial: Writers exceeded my hopes and expectations! They captured exacting details of my career history and achievements, crafting an effective and interesting resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile. I am thrilled with their customer service and my results! – S.S, R&D CHEF

  • #7 Resume FootprintResume Footprint has a weight of successful clients into Fortune 500 companies and the likes. Because the work only with certified, advanced degree holding writers across several disciplines, experienced resume and LinkedIn profile writers with years of experience they consistently deliver job winning LinkedIn profile that gets optimized.

Testimonial: I wanted to let you know I received three responses within a week after receiving the resume, LinkedIn profile and cover letter that you created. Thank you! – G. Gordon, Healthcare Executive, and Administrator

  • #8 Resume Writing ServiceResume Writing service is manned by a person with decades of experience in HR working with large-sized organizations and now craft professionally wrote LinkedIn profile besides resume and cover letter. They offer clients a wide range of LinkedIn service to ensure success for clients with effective customer response starting at $47.96.

Testimonial: Thanks for overhauling my career growth tools. Your vision is fantastic and I’m very pleased with the results… insight and top notch service – Dena, USA

  • #9 LinkedIn Profile BuildersLinkedIn profile Builder offers unique services specifically tailored to solving the clients LinkedIn needs. With a team of experts with proficiency across disciplines, your profiles get assigned to professional cheap resume writers, one talk with you all the way to get you an optimized LinkedIn page delivered speedily and help increase your visibility.

Testimonial: LinkedIn Builder is the easiest, fastest and most effective builder on the web when it comes to your LinkedIn profile… having a writer who is trained on LinkedIn is invaluable. – Alex, D.

  • #10 Professional Resume ServicesWith Professional Resume services what you get is a total package from the scratch. They help fill in all the basic to advanced requirements with your LinkedIn URL, badge, titles and headline, summary and more with you working with a personal consultant in seeing your profile get optimized quickly.

Testimonial: Good morning, Marie. I wanted to let you know that I was offered the Chief Global Marketing Officer role with Big Company International and I’ve accepted it. I start next Monday in Dallas at our Board meeting. Might as well jump right into it! Anyway, I appreciate your help with my resume and LinkedIn profile. I think they played an important role in my search process. – B. White, Chief Global Marketing Officer

LinkedIn Profile Writing Rates and Packages Comparison Table with Rates According to Turnaround




Price ($)

Duration (days)

Cheap Resume Service


125.98 – 50.39

24 hours – 14 days


139.98 – 55.99


251.96 – 100.79


279.96 – 111.98


279.96 – 111.98

Career change

279.96 – 111.98

Content Development


Short Profile – 300 words



Corporate Profile – 500 words



Long profile – 800 words



Capstone Resume Writing Service

LinkedIn profile


2 – 3

Resume Professional Writers

Profile writing



Resume Writing Lab



Red Letter Resume

Complete LinkedIn profile


Resume Footprint






Resume Writing Service

Profile development


24 hours – 3 days

Profile makeover




Profile screening


Promotion package


LinkedIn Builder

Profile service



Professional Resume Services

Basic profile


LinkedIn Premier

595 – 1,500

2 – 3

With current trends indicating a substantial rise in the value of the value of a LinkedIn page it only means having a clear understanding of how to build a winning LinkedIn page to excel in the job search. Entrusting the writing of your LinkedIn profile to a professional can actually attract your dream job to you when you commit it the hands of a professional LinkedIn service company. You can use our test resume against ATS on our site to assess your Resume to see if it’s of a standard.

Use LinkedIn profile writing service reviews to guide your job search help today. Take advantage of the LinkedIn profile writing service reviews and get your professional help today!