10 Things Recruiters Will Totally Hate about Your Resume Mistakes

What are the most common resume mistakes you need to avoid? Now is the time to apply for a job and your resume may be one of the requirements that should be given a great time and effort. There are many things that could go wrong to it like bad grammar, wrong formatting, fonts, typos and the list goes on.

the most common resume mistakes

These resume mistakes can also happen to cover letters. It is very easy to make resume errors and it will be hard to correct them once the recruiter or employer gets it already, especially when you apply for the wrong company, so it is important for you to avoid the most common resume mistakes to get the job you want.

Here Is a List of Biggest Resume Mistakes You Can Avoid

  • Wrong spelling and grammatical errors can kill your resume
  • Duties are more highlighted rather than the accomplishments
  • Verb tenses aren’t used properly
  • A resume objective that doesn’t match the specific job
  • One of the most common resume mistakes is going too long
  • Stating a generalized summary of a career that does not matches the job

Hiring Statistics You Should Know While Looking for a Job

  • Over 250 resumes are submitted when there are corporate job openings
  • 94% of sales professionals say that an important part of your compensation plan is the base salary
  • 79% of people who are looking for jobs use social media for job search
  • 46% of Millennials, due to lack of career growth, left their job
  • The 10% increase of investments of employees can also increase company profits by $2,400 per employee.

Avoid the Biggest Resume Mistakes Every Time

Submitting a poorly written resume will simply guarantee that your application will get placed on the “no thanks” pile. There are many issues that you need to avoid when writing your resume if you are to make that impressive first impression. Your resume is purely there to get you an interview and not to try to tell the recruiter everything that they might want to know about you. That is why they will want to bring you for an interview.

The biggest and most common resume mistakes are using the same resume for every application and trying to write a resume that will cover every possible eventuality. The recruiter is only going to spend a few seconds scanning your resume and they will not take extra time to scan through a huge list when they only want to find a few relevant points. Your resume must always be tailored carefully to the job that you apply for so that the recruiter quickly sees that you have the skills and qualifications that they are looking for.

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Avoid all of the common resume mistakes by following our professional advice or by working with the right affordable resume writing services!